Honestly, any professional photographer who has a clean, unmarked, spotless camera is lying about their profession. Mine is so scratched up and constantly dirty – I was trying to take photos while rolling out dough so naturally I now need to wipe all of the butter and flour out of the crevices. There’s still colored powder jammed in there from the Holi festival last year. The irony comes in the fact that this machine that preserves memories is literally preserving the grime of my own memories within itself. 

My very gracious momma helped me make 10 dozen cookies for my work’s annual event this weekend. We watched Christmas movies and ate too much dough and it was lovely.

I’m trying to get better at food photography, and practice makes perfect. Also, I will take any excuse to make food for friends. Bonus points go to my kitchen having the most beautiful lighting. For all of these things I am very thankful and very full of sugary goodness.

Enjoy these photos and enjoy this, the most wonderful time of the year!