For the past three summers I have been lucky enough to work as an advertising consultant with a local business that specializes in marketing and reselling old, dilapidated properties to help bring in new businesses and promote growth in our little town. My goal is to create marketing pieces that showcase these properties in a good light. With that being said, my job is basically exploring and abandoned buildings.

Jumping back into the position after finishing my spring semester at school, I got to go to an old pottery plant that is just falling to pieces. It was dark and dusty and we had to wear rain boots because the floors were so muddy and caked with clay. But being as my job is having an eye for making properties like this look great, I thought this place was actually really beautiful (and also a little scary) so I snapped some photos intermittently while taking a tour of the place.

Being able to see how a place once active and important has fallen apart is so interesting. A moment in time was left frozen, and now it’s crumbling in the most beautiful way. 

(and tbh what doesn’t look good with a quality black and white edit)