This was a very bittersweet show for me for two distinct reasons: firstly, this is like the 4th time I’ve seen The White Noise play live and they are absolutely one of the most fun bands to watch perform – I will never pass on seeing these dudes play. I also got the opportunity to see I Prevail kick butt, and the adorable humans of Bad Seed Rising who are fantastic and I highly recommend to everyone.

On the other hand, this was supposed to be the last show at Altar Bar, the itty bitty venue that I not only grew up attending, but also shot my very first show at. I was so excited to sign out the venue in the best way, however, some structural issues caused it to close early without any sort of finale and I am so, so sad. All of the shows have been moved to much-less frequently used venue which so far, I am hugely unimpressed with. It holds the same amount of people but let me tell you, it is a photographer’s nightmare because there is no barricade, aka I have to wedge myself in between people at the left side of the stage and pray that the band members move around and come my way so I don’t only get photos one person. The system of dealing with crowd-surfers also seems super inefficient to me but I digress. I just really miss Altar Bar, but things change and we move on.

In any case, even though my photos are a bit uninteresting, the Strike the Match Tour was super fun, the bands were tremendous, and the lighting was to die for (lasers = <3).

Feel free to share these as you wish, just credit back to me!


The White Noise

I Prevail