Last week I got the opportunity to photograph For Today, and while I’ve photographed some pretty awesome artists to date, let me tell you – man oH MAN was I nervous.

For Today is one of the coolest groups of people I’ve ever met. They are genuine, kind, warm-hearted humans, and I am so happy to have met them.

They are pretty well known across their genre of music and so when I was asked to not just interview/photograph them, but interview/photograph them for the cover story, I was ecstatic and jittery and wondering why I suddenly couldn’t remember how to form intelligent questions.

But these dudes were honestly the most welcoming people I’ve ever come across. They made everything so comfortable, so friendly and open, and I want to be friends with them please and thank you.


If you’d like to read the featured story in Sailor’s Talk, you can do so here.

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