I go to a lot of rock/punk/metal shows which I truly love, but let me just tell you, taking a break to see the absolutely beautiful art-centric LANY this past week was DELIGHTFUL. They put on such a breathtaking performance, and the openers Transviolet might be one of my new favorite bands. Everything about this tour is dreamy and perfect and something that I want to experience every day of my life. 

I’ve been super into electro-pop music as of late, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I think it’s the time of year – summer is typically defined by Blink 182 blasting out my car speakers, and sunburned evenings running from stage to stage at Warped Tour. Winter is (of course) Christmas music for as long as I can stand it, and as it moves into spring, I tend to put all of the new broadway musical soundtracks on repeat. But autumn is this snuggly, in between period where I don’t want to give up the excitement of summer but I don’t want to hibernate in the cold yet either. LANY, and so many similar artists, fill that gap. Actually, I’ll link my autumn Spotify playlist below. If you want some cozy jams, take a listen.

Otherwise, just check out the photos below from the kinda tour. Enjoy and please be sure to credit me if you share.