We’re going through a rainy spell here in western PA at the moment, but that did not stop us from taking some lovely (pre)engagement photos this past weekend.

FYI: I say pre-engagement because Kelly and Josh weren’t actually engaged at the time of taking these photos, but Kelly knew it would happen at some point in the coming month, and she wanted to take advantage of the pretty fall backdrop.

Can I also say, the portion of these two reading books in the big, grand room at Chatham University was not at all scripted – we went in there because it was getting really dark and I thought maybe the lighting would be interesting in there, and Kelly immediately sat down on the floor and began reading a book about Alexander Hamilton. Josh followed suit and began reading aloud to her the text from a book written in German (Josh does not speak German), and so came these adorable photos. One of my favorite parts of photographing couples is capturing the genuine, silly moments they create together, and I’m so happy to have been able to do that with these two.

(ps: Kelly and Josh got engaged the following weekend. Congratulations!)