I’ve grown up listening to pop-punk – bands like All Time Low and Mayday Parade truly defined my adolescence and made me want to work in the music industry – but for some reason I’ve never listened to Marianas Trench. I don’t know if it’s because their Canadian roots made their music less accessible to 14 year olds in small town West Virginia, or if I just ignored anyone who ever mentioned they were good, but I definitely caught up in the two weeks leading up to the concert.

If you’ve never listened to Marianas Trench, I highly recommend, not just because of their music but also because they are genuinely such wonderful people. Seeing them live was a BLAST – they are so fun and were so happy to be playing this show (they had never been to Pittsburgh before so the crowd was LIT). They were so interactive and sound absolutely incredible live. A+ show in my humble opinion.

(Feel free to share the photos but please give credit!)