I have always been, and forever will be, eternally grateful for this music scene. I grew up in a small town and went to a private school with graduating class of 34 preppy kids all clad in blue plaid skirts and ties. It was here that I not only found some of my best friends, but also discovered a love of punk music that ultimately defined me as a person. 

Being from such a small town, constantly surrounded by so few people meant that everyone did everything together. Everyone was involved in the same activities, went to the same parties, listened to the same music. And it was really boring. So, like many others who have grown up in this scene, music became a way to escape the monotony and be happy. 

I had the opportunity to photograph Say Anything at stop in Pittsburgh during their most recent tour and while the show itself was a blast, the thing that stood out most to me was every single person in the crowd was uniquely the same. That seems like a bit of a contradiction; everyone in the crowd certainly had their own individuality, but everyone was there for one reason – this was their escape. The crowd was so diverse in age, from high schoolers who had just discovered this band, to people in their late-20s who had been here since the beginning. And everyone was just so into the performance. People weren’t on their phones snapchatting the songs or texting friends; everyone was just watching and enjoying, whether that be standing in the front, singing every line, or hanging out in the back, having a beer and nodding along. There were even a group of people dancing. Not moshing, just literally dancing like no one was watching.

All of the bands on this tour were wonderful to watch, but it was the crowd that really got me. This is what I grew up with and it was so wonderful to see others physically connecting so genuinely with something that helped define their lives.

Remember your roots. Live completely in the moment. Know that there is someone else in this very moment feeling exactly how you are feeling. And just smile because there is goodness everywhere.

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