February was rough in a multitude of ways, but mostly in the inspiration department. I haven’t been doing anything because of that vicious cycle of lack of self-confidence and lack of drive/motivation every artist knows all too well. Plus the weird weather hasn’t helped. 

Losing inspiration is a weird, uncomfortable space to be in – you want to do something and you know what you want to do, but you have no idea how to do it. It’s like someone put a stopper in your brain and it’s letting droplets of ideas in, but there’s not enough thought or motivation flowing to be able to put those ideas into practice. 

I’ve been coloring and binging Netflix documentary series which seems to be bringing me back to the surface. I think the best solution to this is just trying to fill your life with as many beautiful things from others as possible. Let yourself be sad, but don’t let yourself be broken. Use that lonely time to consume as many inspiring things as possible, from people who are doing exactly what you want to be doing. That will push you though, and you get some fresh new ideas.

So this past weekend, I went out with a newfound friend and took some cool photos in a weed-covered lot behind a shopping center. It was so fun, and was a little kick to getting back into the game.

PS: if you haven’t watched any of Netflix’s documentary series, I cannot recommend them enough. Chef’s Table and Abstract are my two current obsessions and just *SO* inspiring.