Last weekend I went to a homemade music festival in someone named Drew’s parents’ backyard. It took place in a cleared out barn, decorated with random strands of Christmas lights and filled with sweaty, beer-filled teenagers. A guy proposed to his girlfriend and someone left their calculus notebook on a table and told people to draw whatever they wanted in it. Everyone knew every band and sang every word. Girls took their shoes off and swing-danced with boys in tropical dad shirts. I walked into this not having a clue what to expect – it certainly was not this but I couldn’t have asked for anything better. This was a fantastically fun event and I cannot wait for it to happen again next year. 

Thank you to False Accusations for inviting me out to take photos, and to What Great Fangs for playing the craziest show I’ve ever witnessed. Definitely check out both of these bands, I cannot say enough good things about them both.